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Emergency Systems

Real-time site awareness solutions

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Connected hardware and software that adds real-time situational awareness to building interiors, helping protect and create value for a building’s most valuable contents: the people inside.


Our Services

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NGEMS is the only IoT spatial analytics platform built to map, monitor, and protect the contents of buildings. NGEMS hardware modules are paired with our cloud-based analytics and visualization platform to provide building operators and emergency response personnel with unparalleled insight into what is happening inside of buildings.

During normal operations, the NGEMS platform provide building management teams with realtime and historical location data for assets, visitors, and customer locations. During emergencies, it aids rescue personnel by providing a comprehensive overview of who is in a building and where, allowing them to streamline rescue operations and maximize operational effectiveness.


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Customized spatial analytics

  • Retail / Office / Warehouse
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Third-party integration enabled
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Anonymized data

  • No camera
  • Encrypted transmission
  • Data privacy protection
  • Secured network
  • People aware
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Multi situational

  • Daily operations
  • Emergency situations
  • Pattern analysis
  • Future focused

How it works

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Monitor data from available sensors

Using smoke detectors, fire panels, or installed IoT devices, we monitor all available signals and data to make NGEMS as site-aware as possible.

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Collect and process in the cloud

Utilizing both commercial and emergency networks, we transmit the data to the cloud to create real-time actionable information.

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Visualize and map the data

We visualize this information and combine it with digitized floor plans so it is easily and quickly understandable to personnel.

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Make available to personnel

Our visualizations and analytics are easily accessible through a specialized application or API and tailored for both daily as well as emergency operations.


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