Next Generation Emergency Systems


Realtime site awareness solutions

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We are an industry leading startup helping building operators and rescue personnel gain useful, real-time site awareness through situation-aware building infrastructures and real-time IoT analytics.


Integration Enabled

NGEMS is designed to operate with existing safety devices and fire panels. We analyze this data during an emergency and correlate it to digitized floor layouts. The visualization is then sent to dispatch centers and directly to on-site first responders. This information, once only accessible upon entering the building, is now available the instant a dispatch center is notified.

People Aware

Our custom software can be installed on existing wireless access points to enhance NGEMS’s situational awareness. Scanning radio frequencies, we are able to locate connected devices and active RFID badges in order to correlate those signals to personnel location.

Future Focused

NGEMS is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the newest advancements in the emergency response ecosystem. This includes FirstNET, the US’s first nation-wide disaster and emergency network.


Software Solutions

Our Iot analytics platform works in the cloud to process information normally unavailable to first responders until they arrive on the scene. With NGEMS, these details are right at their fingertips allowing an appropriate response from dispatch centers and granting situational awareness to fire personnel.

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Specialized Hardware

A specialized hardware installation scans radio frequencies (WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID), enabling people-localization through their wireless devices. This allows first responders to focus their rescue efforts and maximize operational effectiveness.

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How it works


Monitor data from available sensors.

Using smoke detectors, fire panels, or installed IoT devices, we monitor all available signals and data to make NGEMS as site-aware as possible.


Collect and process in the cloud

Utilizing both commercial and emergency networks, we transmit the data to the cloud to create real-time actionable information.


Visualize and map the Data

We visualize this information and combine it with digitized floor plans so it is easily and quickly understandable to emergency personnel.


Make available to dispatchers and first responders

When crisis strikes, our visualizations are accessed through a specialized application and made available to the necessary local authorities.


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