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Real-time site awareness solutions

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We are an industry leading startup delivering useful, real-time site awareness to building operators and rescue personnel through situation-aware building infrastructures and real-time IoT analytics.


Our Services

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NGEMS is a real-time site awareness solution. It is a spatial IoT analytics platform designed to be muti-situational. The system consists of building installed hardware modules paired with a cloud-based analytics and visualization platform.

During normal operations it enables site owners to efficiently manage businesses through the real-time location of visitors and useful analytics of historical data. During emergencies, it aids rescue personnel by allowing them to focus and maximize rescue operations.


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Customized spatial analytics

  • Retail / Office / Warehouse
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Third-party integration enabled
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Anonymized data

  • No camera
  • Encrypted transmission
  • Data privacy protection
  • Secured network
  • People aware
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Multi situational

  • Daily operations
  • Emergency situations
  • Pattern analysis
  • Future focused

How it works

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Monitor data from available sensors

Using smoke detectors, fire panels, or installed IoT devices, we monitor all available signals and data to make NGEMS as site-aware as possible.

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Collect and process in the cloud

Utilizing both commercial and emergency networks, we transmit the data to the cloud to create real-time actionable information.

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Visualize and map the data

We visualize this information and combine it with digitized floor plans so it is easily and quickly understandable to personnel.

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Make available to personnel

Our visualizations and analytics are easily accessible through a specialized application or API and tailored for both daily as well as emergency operations.


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