Indoor Asset Tracking

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Affordable high accuracy RTLS

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Ultra-Wideband (UWB) T

wo-Way Ranging Real-Time Location System


NGEMS service

NGEMS offers an affordable, indoor asset tracking service using an high accuracy, Ultra-Wideband Real-Time Location System (RTLS).

The service has both hardware and software components to provide a complete solution for our customers.

The hardware platform consists of wall-mounted anchors and small electronic tags attached to equipment.

The software platform is a cloud-based location engine that delivers both map and list views through a web browser-accessible dashboard.


Industry Specialization


Help hospitals know the real-time location of equipment and medical devices to reduce equipment search times, loss and operational downtime.

Emergency Services

Integrate with emergency networks and popular dispatch software packages through the NGEMS API to maximize rescue operations.


Show space managers real-time and historical data of visitors at their site to optimize retail layouts, enable targeted indoor advertisements and analyze historical occupancy of buildings.