About us

We are N-GEMS, google analytics of real-world spaces that delivers comprehensive information of assets and people inside buildings.


We are a team of NYU graduates working on to build Next Generation Emergency Systems. Our team is varied and multidisciplinary, consisting of both foreign nationals and US veterans. We have different backgrounds, specializing in Real-Time Location Systems and have came together with the common goal of using technology for positive social impact.

NGEMS chetan.png

Chetan Hasabnis

Chief Executive Officer (Founder)

+7 years, Enterprise Solutions and Consumer Applications


NGEMS michael.png

Michael Kripchak

Chief of Partnerships (Co-founder)

Air Force Officer, Physicist and Contract Manager


NGEMS nitish.png

Nitish Wakalkar

Chief Design Officer (Co-founder)

+5 Years, Industrial and Consumer Products Design


NGEMS dimos.png

Dimos Markopoulos

Chief Financial Officer (Co-founder)

Successful European Market Venture Capitalist, e-food.gr


NGEMS nate.png

Nate Padgett

Advisory Consultant

+8 years, NYC Hardware Startup Experience, Keen Home Inc., Quirky Inventions


NGEMS abhishek.png

Abhishek Kumar

Lead Engineer

+5 Years, Robotics & Embedded Systems, Hardware and System Integration