About us

We are a team of NYU graduates working on a platform to assist rescue operations during emergency and disaster mitigation. The project is called N-GEMS: Next Generation Emergency Systems. We utilize currently installed emergency devices to gain a real-time understanding of building conditions. We pair that with building-installed and drone-attached modules that locate people's wireless devices through radio frequency triangulation. Along with digitized floor plans, a specialized cloud-based software application takes this information and converts it into a visual format for emergency personnel, showing them the floor and section where people and hazards are located.

Our team is varied and multidisciplinary, consisting of both foreign nationals and US veterans. We have different backgrounds, our knowledge of safety device development and procurement increases everyday as we take N-GEMS beyond its infancy.

NGEMS chetan.png

Chetan Hasabnis

Chief Executive Officer (Founder)


NGEMS michael.png

Michael Kripchak

Chief of Partnerships (Co-founder)


NGEMS nitish.png

Nitish Wakalkar

Chief Design Officer (Co-founder)


NGEMS dimos.png

Dimos Markopoulos

Chief Financial Officer (Co-founder)


NGEMS nate.png

Nate Padgett

Advisory Consultant


NGEMS abhishek.png

Abhishek Kumar

Lead Engineer