Our Service

N-GEMS real-time site awareness solution offers a spatial IoT analytics platform designed to be muti-situational.

During normal operations it enables site owners to efficiently manage businesses with the real-time location of visitors and useful analytics of historical data. During emergencies, it aids rescue personnel to maximize rescue operations.


Analytical Services

Our service is designed to exist as either a stand-alone system or easily integrated into 3rd party software through N-GEMS web service APIs. This allows a ”best fit” tailored solution so NGEMS can quickly expedite, augment and compliment your business or people locative needs.

Emergency Integration

During a crisis, the N-GEMS platform collects signals from emergency IoT devices and transmits useful information to safety and rescue personnel. The N-GEMS web service API is designed to integrate with incident management and computer aided dispatch services. Real-time site analytics aid central monitoring stations, dispatch units and rescue personnel in strategic decision making. This life saving information normally unavailable to them, is made available right at their fingertips before they even arrive on the scene.