Hospital Asset Tracking

Biomedical Equipment Tracking

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Affordable, Secure, Centimeter-Level Location Accuracy

NGEMS offers a complete hardware and software (HESaaS) medical asset tracking service that provides real-time location data of tagged devices through a secure web dashboard.


Hospital Asset Loss costs $3 billion/year

Medical devices cost several thousand dollars a piece and often become misplaced and even stolen.

$4,000 per bed equipment loss is reported every year.

Operational Inefficiency due to misplaced equipment and downtime

Nurses attest to wasting at least one hour per shift searching for misplaced and unaccounted for devices, impacting budgets and compromising quality of patient care.

Unaffordable asset tracking solutions

Current solutions on the market are prohibitively expensive, price-excluding small-medium sized hospitals.

NGEMS Solution

Medical device location tracking

NGEMS asset tracking service helps locate devices at zone, room and sub-room levels - reducing the number of misplaced, lost and stolen equipments and optimizing equipment usage rates.

In Development Features

Nurse rounding monitoring

NGEMS asset tracking service with custom UI helps monitor nurse activities. It enables CEO, COO, and CNO to plan staffing and monitor benchmarks for patient satisfaction.

Room temperature monitoring

NGEMS asset tracking service helps monitor room, storage and refrigerator temperatures adding efficiency and reliability to the currently manual process.

NGEMS Value Proposition

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Affordable Pricing

Custom Web UI

Simple Infrastructure Integration (UWB)

Centimeter-Level Location Accuracy

NGEMS Competitive Edge