Integration Enabled

NGEMS is designed to operate with existing safety devices and fire panels. We analyze this data during an emergency and correlate it to digitized floor layouts. The visualization is then sent to dispatch centers and directly to on-site first responders. This information, once only accessible upon entering the building, is now available the instant a dispatch center is notified.

People Aware

Our custom software can be installed on existing wireless access points to enhance NGEMS’s situational awareness. Scanning radio frequencies, we are able to locate connected devices and active RFID badges in order to correlate those signals to personnel location.

Future Focused

NGEMS is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the newest advancements in the emergency response ecosystem. This includes FirstNET, the US’s first nation-wide disaster and emergency network.

Our Services

NGEMS is a real-time site awareness solution. It is a spatial IoT analytics platform designed to be muti-situational. The system consist of building installed hardware modules paired with a cloud based analytics and visualization platform.

During normal operations it enables site owners to efficiently manage businesses with the real-time location of visitors and useful analytics of historical data. During emergencies, it aids rescue personnel to maximize rescue operations.

Software solution

NGEMS is a spatial IoT analytics platform providing site owners with real-time visitor localization and useful analytics of historical data. Our proprietary solution collects and processes the location of wifi devices identified by the NGEMS Modules, using that data to perform visitor localization. This process only requires that a user’s wifi be enabled on their device, no specific app need be installed. Along with real-time visualization of how visitors move through your real world space, our platform produces current occupancy and predictive analytics.

Features -

  1. Customized Dashboard

  2. Real time Site Analytics

  3. Web Service and API Integration Enabled

  4. Anonymized People Locative  Analytics

  5. Secured Encrypted Transmission and Data Privacy Protection

Analytical Services -

Our service is designed to exist as either a stand alone system or easily integrated into 3rd party software through NGEMS web service APIs. This allows a ”best fit” tailored solution so NGEMS can quickly expedite, augment and compliment your business or people locative needs.

Emergency Integration -

During a crisis the NGEMS platform collects signals from emergency IoT devices and transmits useful information to safety and rescue personnel. The NGEMS web service API is designed to integrate with incident management and computer aided dispatch services. Real-time site analytics aid central monitoring stations, dispatch units and rescue personnel in strategic decision making. This life saving information normally unavailable to them, is made available right at their fingertips before they even arrive on the scene.


Specialized Hardware

The main component of our hardware platform is the NGEMS Module. This specialized hardware installation has the capability to scan Wifi, Bluetooth, and RFID radio frequencies. Designed for multi-situational use, the included battery backup ensures delivery of information during normal operations and in a crisis.

NGEMS Module
Easy to install and inconspicuous, NGEMS Modules attach to the wall or ceiling and don’t require line of sight to operate. These modules work together in Module Arrays to scan electromagnetic frequencies and locate wireless devices.

  • Enabled with Wifi / Bluetooth / RFID

  • Small size 6” x 4”

  • Wall / Ceiling mountable

  • Easy to install

  • Unobtrusive design

  • Battery backup

Each NGEMS Module Array consists of three NGEMS Modules. Depending on the specific location and layout, each Array can scan, in real time, approximately 6000 sq ft.

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Third Party Integration Enabled

Encrypted transmission

Data Privacy Protection