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Improve workflow efficiencies and increase production

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n-gems asset tracking service

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In manufacturing, every second matters, and staff are often spread thin managing floor operations.

We help manufacturing executives reduce downtime losses and increase savings through improved workflow efficiencies and production capacity. Our service enables factory personnel to quickly locate equipment, reducing search times’ effects on productivity and workflow.

With N-GEMS real-time location system, manufacturers can receive all the perks of equipment tracking services in the most economical and efficient solution available.


N-GEMS Value Add

Reduce search times by 90%

Quickly locate equipment without involving other staff, reducing search times’ effects on productivity.

Reduce foot traffic by 84%

Find parts faster and shorten the distance walked by your staff, reducing their unnecessary workload.

Reduced expenses on equipment loss by 40%

Reduce equipment theft and inappropriate equipment usage through dashboard alerts.


EQUIPMENT TRACKING inefficiencies for factories


In the US, equipment loss, theft and downtime from equipment searches, account for billions of dollars in financial losses.

The most direct impact of downtime is the loss of production capacity. An average manufacturer deals with 800 hours of downtime per year – or more than 15 hours per week. At a production rate of 600 units per hour with an average profit per unit of $50, a single hour of downtime costs companies $10,000 in lost revenue. For an average automotive manufacturer, downtime will cost $22,000 per minute.


N-GEMS Technology service


NGEMS provides a complete hardware and software (HESaaS) asset tracking solution. It uses ultra-wideband (UWB) two-way ranging technology to provide up to centimeter-level position accuracy. Accessed through a secure webpage, users locate assets on digitized floor maps or in list views.


Fast Equipment Access: Reduce equipment search times by up to 90%. Through our web browser-accessible dashboard, authorized personnel can see equipment location in real-time. Quickly find injection molds, forklifts, and storage containers and allow staff to focus on more important duties.

Work-In-Progress Tracking: Know real-time part and product progress. With map view and alerts, keep an eye directly on your facility’s workflow. See your process update in real-time, and spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Easy Data Integration: Incorporate NGEMS data directly into your current software platforms. Your teams know your operation the best, so we also make our data available through a web service REST API. This allows your teams to create efficiencies specific to your workflows. 

Various Mount Attachment Capabilities: 

1. Magnetic Attachments

2. Metal Adhesive Attachments 

3. Detachable Metal or Plastic Mounts 

4. In-Mold Pockets