Hardware and software platform


NGEMS is a complete hardware and software (HESaaS) medical asset tracking service provider.

We offer hospitals and clinics affordable, high accuracy, real-time location data of tagged devices through a secure, web browser-accessible software platform.

We strive to reduce equipment downtime and loss, increase nurse efficiency and improve patient care.



The hardware platform consists of wall-mounted anchors and tags attached to equipment.

NGEMS anchors are installed at fixed intervals throughout a hospital and work together to provide a complete area of coverage. Small hardware tags attached to medical devices and equipment are monitored by the anchors to determine their location.

This information is then made available to users through a cloud-based, web browser-accessible dashboard that visualizes asset location onto digitized floor maps, along with offering traditional list views. When an asset leaves the area of coverage, the dashboard alerts users to its last known location allowing an immediate response from equipment managers.


NGEMS Anchor

NGEMS anchors work together in anchor arrays to scan electromagnetic frequencies and locate wireless devices. Easy to install and inconspicuous, the anchors attach to the wall or ceiling.

ngems_tag_label (1).png


NGEMS tags are battery-powered, and are designed to function for 1 year and can be optimized further for 4+ years. NGEMS tags are attached to equipment so they can be located by the NGEMS anchors.



  • Ultra-Wideband (6.5 ghz)

  • Wi-Fi enabled (2.5 ghz and 5 ghz)

  • Small size (6x4in)

  • Wall / Ceiling mountable

  • POE enabled

  • Battery-backup


  • Ultra-Wideband

  • Small size (30x30x10mm)

  • Easy to attach

  • Unobtrusive slim design


The software platform consists of positioning, networking and cloud-based visualization software.



1. Locate

Detecting signals from NGEMS Tags, NGEMS anchors locate assets within a predefined area.

2. Collect and Visualize

Using ethernet or the available Wi-Fi network, the data is transmitted to the NGEMS cloud. It is then converted into readable lists and visualized onto digital floor maps.

3. Distribute

The mapped locations are made available to equipment managers and authorized personnel through a secure, responsive web browser interface.