real-time Asset Tracking

Track faster with ease because every second counts


“We believe the efficiencies created by real-time location systems should be available to all businesses”

Now with N-GEMS, you can increase operational efficiency, improve staff workflow and bring yearly cost savings to your facility through real-time asset tracking.

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Industry Specialization


Help nurses and staff quickly locate necessary equipment so they can spend more time on what matters: patient care.

Emergency Services

Deliver relevant site information to rescue personnel, such as people location and hazard warnings.


Track high value assets and high-use equipment, improving staff workflow and bringing facility efficiencies.


N-GEMS service

N-GEMS offers an affordable, indoor asset tracking service using an high accuracy, Ultra-Wideband Real-time Location System (RTLS).

The service has both hardware and software components to provide a complete solution for our customers.

The hardware platform consists of wall-mounted anchors and small electronic tags attached to equipment.

The software platform is a cloud-based location engine that delivers both map and list views through a web browser-accessible dashboard.